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At the time when students were unaware of the modern innovations and their commercial values, the corporate lacked consultants, the professionals did not care much about their demeanor and its significance, we felt of a need to come forward with an organization bridging this gap. We realized that there is a dire need of an organization, which could train the early birds, professionals as well as the existing corporate on some of the most influential and confusing factors, which anyhow govern the success of our beloved country INDIA! And so the HBeonLabs was established in 2008. 

The total semiconductor market in India is expected to hit $36.3bn in 2015 with employment projections of 7.8mn in 2015, according to the Indian Semiconductor Association (ISA). A significant portion of this is the embedded and communications market. On the embedded front, we see the emergence of a market in India for retail automation, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, wireless infrastructure, medical products, automotive, etc.

We at HBeonLabs extend help to both professionals & students, it also includes outsourcing solutions to our clients using our functional expertise. Established in the year 2008 HBeonLabs began with an idea to offer the opportunity of a stimulating and rewarding association.  One of our aims is to be able to provide best services and training in core areas of Embedded Systems and VLSI Design by the Experts from Industry (IITs + Thapar Alumni having 16+ years of experience with top most MNCs like Freescale Semiconductors and ST Microelectronics). 

               We   provide  customized            We   provide    hands    on          We  provide  consultancy

   hardware  design  service            experience  on  embedded          to help  you in design and 

   from scratch to product               product design by working          development of embedded

   realization.                                 on live projects.                         products.    

Musical Fountain Designed and Developed by HBEonLabs. It is installed at Patriotic Garden Shajahanpur (Uttar Pradesh).

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